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Over 24 Years of Experience

Reliable Roofing is a family owned business with over 24 years of experience in roofing and masonry industry. Some companies working on this field without caring for their customer. Reliable roofing and chimney is a customer oriented company and always ready to provide the estimate of the products and services needed.

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I am Chris owner of the company; I have been in the roofing and Masonry industry for more than 24 years. I have seen many companies working in this field without caring for their customers. I opened my company, and I can proudly say that my staff and I genuinely care for our customers.I am always within the scope of my customer base and always ready to provide the estimate of the products and services they needed.



Reliable Roofing is a family owned business, and as I am a family oriented person, I truly love to work in this industry, to uphold the reputation of my family high. My grandfather has earned his name as a Union Mason, and I would like to extend the heights to see him proud of our company. Some people in this industry have given the poor standing by their nefarious deeds and practices, but I want to say that not everyone is like that.

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Reliable is a Suffolk county chimney cleaning company for over 24 years and as local expert, we pride ourselves in providing outstanding services to commercial and residential customer base, as well. Customers can simply contact me on my email to get a free estimate on all our Roofing, Chimney, Gutter, and Masonry services, and I assure them to give 10% off the cheapest estimate other company is providing. We are always happy to receive the call inquiries and our emergency services are available 24 hours 7 days a week in Suffolk. Call us now to get the best estimate on all our Roofing and Chimney services.

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